The maritime container transport and following intermodal transport is the second main area of company's activities.
Experience and know-how obtained when working for the ship-owner company as well as in the field of intermodal transport, and solid background in the port of Hamburg, allow us providing a complete service including customs clearance both in EU and in the port.

The advantage of a small low-cost company active in this market segment, like we are, is that we are not linked to particular ship-owners. Thus, our service is highly flexible and we can offer favorable price levels, as we do not suffer from the high fixed costs that would otherwise have to be reflected in the final prices.

Another point is that we can offer a very careful and attentive care for your orders as well as many above-standard services, such as advising departures and arrivals of sea vessels to shippers and consignees anywhere on the globe, courier services for picking up the documentation, delivery of documents by our employees, and so on.
We are confident that if you choose our services, you will be provided with a hundred percent service supported by nonstop availability of the shipping center, which is a very valuable point for you and your business partners around the globe.