Groupage has been included in the range of our services since the very beginning. It is classified into two categories based on the mode of transport:

1. Road groupage
In this category we do not provide the classic service for small parcels that usually consists in accumulating parcels in a certain warehouse until full truckload quantity is reached, but on the contrary, we have implemented a highly efficient system where our vehicles pick the goods up at individual shipping locations and deliver them to the final destinations, i.e. the goods are collected en route.

2. Maritime groupage (LCL - less than container load)
Here, we provide the classic maritime container groupage service, both import and export. The minimum charge is one ton or one cubic meter. Thanks to close relations with port freight-forwarders and warehouses in Hamburg, we also provide a complete pickup service for CIF/CFR-based shipments arriving Hamburg and we arrange their subsequent transport to the Czech Republic including complete customs proceedings and other administrative operations.